Burn and Turn


Everything is more fun when you control a dragon


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Burn and Turn is an arcade game set in a medieval world full of spells, knights stuffed into armours, walking skeletons and fire-breathing dragons, in which you will have to take on the role of the last of all of these and put an end to all of the others.

The game's setup is very simple: your dragon finds himself protecting a tower at the right of the screen, and all kinds of enemies will appear on the left side of the screen trying to get to him. So, your goal will be to incinerate all those who try to get close to the tower, using the fireballs that the dragon can launch.

The more that you are able to resist, not only will more (and stronger) enemies appear, but you will also be able to get upgrades for your dragon's fireballs. So, thanks to the sorcerers and merchants that you are also able to kill, you can get double fireballs... and even a type of ray gun.

Burn and Turn is a frenetic action game which is ideal for playing fast games of no more than ten minutes. Its rough graphics, which clearly pay homage to 8 bit games, are more than compensated for by a gameplay that provides straight-up fun for anyone who is able to look past its pixels.
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